Towel Bars

Take your creative instincts to its full potential with this Canali modular faucet by Neve.  The faucet lets you choose from many options of modular parts to create your own individual concept.  Its contemporary theme and simple tubular design make it possible to fit any bathroom environment and gives your room to personalize.  Apply the faucet to a free standing sink, or have an extending spout attached so the extra space can form a towel rack along the wall on the journey to the sink.  It will be sure to create conversation for any visitor.

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Get rid of that gaudy drain at the bottom of your sink, and feast your eyes on the latest trend of the no drain sink by Giquardo.  Available in black granite, white composite quartz, or Belgian blue stone, this sink truly gives off a sleek, modern presentation.

Combining its beautiful contemporary look with its economical materials provides a wonderful contrast for this bowl sink with modernized square edges.  Giquardo provides the illusion that there is no drain in this sink, when in actuality, it is just hidden and still does its normal functions.  It also is available in single or double bowl designs, and comes in eight different sizes.

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